At the annual meeting of Trustees in March LAKPA’s priorities for the coming year were agreed as follows:-

1. Provide additional financial support to patients and carers in need and increase support for social activities for them in the context of Covid. Provide financial support where this is needed.
2. Allied to 1 above we will manage and allocate the funding from Tom Costello’s bequest, taking account of the responses to the patient survey.
3. Home therapies continues to be a LAKPA priority, as it is for the renal clinical team. We will be supporting plans to renovate the Home Therapies Unit at the Lister over the next 12 months
4. Patient transport continues to be an issue. We are in contact with both the Integrated Care Systems that cover our area. Both are in the process of undertaking a procurement process for new contracts to commence in 2024. LAKPA are invited to provide input into the development of the specification and will strongly represent the patient view
5. Strengthen LAKPA by raising the profile by recruiting more members, strengthen communication, improve notice boards etc.