As you will see, LAKPA publishes newsletters three times a year; in autumn, spring and summer. A hard copy of the newsletter is sent by post to all LAKPA members who give us permission to send them information by post. If you wish to receive a copy by post, please register, free of charge, to become a member of LAKPA (see our Membership section for details).

We have started allocating a theme for our newsletters. The theme for the 2019 Spring edition was “Living Kidney Donation”. The Summer edition addressed “Deemed Consent – the Opt Out system”, and the latest focuses on Dialysis.

We hope you find the newsletters informative and useful. We welcome views on our newsletters from our readers and would be grateful if these could be sent to Kirit Modi, Chair of LAKPA, by e-mail:

LAKPA Newsletter Spring 2020 Edition
LAKPA Newsletter Autumn Edition
LAKPA Newsletter Summer 2019 Edition