Can you help LAKPA support kidney patients across our area?

We cannot do this without your help and will be very grateful for any fundraising you can do.

All money raised goes directly to help kidney patients.

Kidney disease is increasingly common and, in most cases a diagnosis will impact the rest of a person’s life.

This takes its toll both emotionally and physically which means that person and their families and carers need the support of charities such as LAKPA which is run entirely by volunteers, all of whom have had their life impacted in one way or another by kidney disease.

LAKPA is free to join and is run entirely by volunteers so all the money raised is directly used for the benefit of kidney patients.


LAKPA is active in raising funds through sponsored events, supermarket collections, grant applications, summer parties, organising raffles and activities in support of events like World Kidney Day and Organ Donation Week as well as receiving support from a number of local groups.

In addition we receive income from bequests, legacies and donations in memory of loved ones and we are truly grateful to the families who think of us at this most difficult time for them.

Nick raised over £3k by walking 1000 kilometres

Volunteer Support for kidney patients in Hertfordshire

How we use the funds

  • Subsidising summer outings and celebration meals to bring some fun into the lives of patients, their carers and the renal staff that support them.
  • Producing a Newsletter and developing and maintaining this website.
  • Welfare grants to patients suffering hardship in consultation with the renal social work team.
  • Supporting initiatives such as the Peer Support programme, the Benefits Advise & the Young Adults Worker.
  • Purchasing equipment as identified by the clinical team which would not otherwise be provided through the NHS.
  • Providing decorations for all the units at Christmas.