At the end of January the Renal Support Team (RST) ceased to be the title of the team. From 1 February 2022 there will be two teams going forward. The idea of the split is to enable the individual teams to be recognised in their own right, and to develop further. All the individuals are really excited about the change and feel along with me that it is the right decision.
The two teams are made up as follows

Renal Social Work Team: Alison Danbury- Lee, Clarisse Cunha, Jacqui Byfield and Harri Buyukertas. The team is made up of two qualified Social Workers, a Renal Care Practitioner and Specialist Benefit Advisor

Renal Psychological Team: Hope Clayton (Health Psychologist) and Carole Gallagher (Counsellor)

Maria da Silva Gane will remain the Lead/Manager for both the teams.