Supporting Kidney Patients in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Please be aware that the Renal Department are introducing the long awaited replacement for Renal Plus, known as Clinical Vision from Monday 17th August.
This may initially cause slight delays in patients going on and coming off their haemodialysis sessions, so we ask for your patience and please bear with us.

Practical help for kidney patients in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire


Information for dialysis patients – Download Letter from Lister Hospital

Information for transplant patientsDownload Letter from Lister Hospital

Information if you have Chronic Kidney DiseaseDownload Letter from Lister Hospital

Information if you have Advanced Chronic Kidney DiseaseDownload Letter from Lister Hospital

Guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically vulnerable from COVID-19 – Link to government website

Introduction from Kirit Modi, Chairperson of LAKPA

The Lister Area Kidney Patients Association (LAKPA) is a small charity whose aim is to improve the lives of kidney patients and their families served by the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Lister Hospital provides a wide range of services to nearly 900 kidney patients; including pre-dialysis/transplant, dialysis, assessment for living donors and transplantation and post transplantation. It manages dialysis units at the Lister, St Albans, Luton & Dunstable and Harlow Hospitals and at a dialysis unit in Bedford.

“I very much regret to inform you that Peter Surridge, LAKPA Secretary and dedicated and tireless supporter of kidney patients, died early last month. Peter, a kidney transplant recipient, was a good friend to so many in the kidney community and he will be very much missed. We sendour heartfelt condolences to his family. A fuller appreciation of Peter and his work for LAKPA will be included in the next Newsletter” – Kirit Modi

What is the role of LAKPA

LAKPA is a kidney patients association, run by patients for patients, carers and their families. It is the voice of kidney patients and liaises at all levels with staff employed by the Lister Hospital. For example, we are currently actively involved with senior staff on how kidney patients are looked after during the pandemic and we continue our involvement in meetings to discuss the relocation of the Luton & Dunstable dialysis unit. We provide financial support on a regular basis to help improve the lives of kidney patients and their families. Our annual 2019 report submitted to the Charity Commission provides further details and is on our News page.

LAKPA has a very strong committee at present; we have 10 members, whose names and responsibilities are set out in the Contact LAKPA section of this web-site. We are very fortunate to have 6 medical liaison staff who support us and attend our meetings as observers.

LAKPA is a member of a federation of 51 similar kidney patients associations in the UK called the National Kidney Federation (NKF), and actively supports the work of the NKF at a national level. Kirit Modi, our Chairperson was recently appointed President of the NKF. The NKF provides a range of services to kidney patients and others, including a free phone Helpline service; details are available from the National Kidney Federation (NKF) website.

What Are Our Priorities?

Our 5 priorities for 2020/21 have been identified by our Committee and are:

  • Supporting kidney patients and their families during the pandemic.
  • Improving the provision of transport for patients to and from their dialysis centres.
  • Increasing awareness of the change in law on opt out in England from 20 May 2020.
  • Ensuring that the relocation of the Luton dialysis goes well.
  • Generating funds for LAKPA as a result of the impact of the pandemic.

Funding Matters

LAKPA raises funds to support patients in a number of ways. These are then used to fund provision which improves the lives of patients and their families but which is not the responsibility of the NHS to fund. We encourage nurses to arrange social outings (for example summer day outs, visits to the theatre or Christmas dinners) for patients and their families by providing a subsidy for all such events. We fund the cost of decorating dialyses units during Christmas. We have recently provided funding to individual kidney patients because of the impact of the pandemic, based on the recommendation of the Renal Social Worker.

We are, for the first time, making an appeal to our members and others to make a donation to us because our income has been affected by the pandemic. Details are set out in the Donations section of this website; together with a list of how we have used the funding in the past.


We have significantly increased our membership in the last year and now have over 440 members. We encourage kidney patients, their family members and others to become members. We communicate with our members who give permission, and send them a copy of our newsletter by post, three times a year. There is no membership fee. Please go to the Membership section on this website which provides details of how to join.

Newsletter and Website

The LAKPA newsletter is published 3 times a year; in February, June and October. A hard copy is sent to all members who have given us approval to send it to them by post. It is available at each of the five dialysis units and is available for download on this website. We have an excellent editor for the newsletter and we regularly review the content of our newsletter. We welcome views from patients on how we can continue to improve our newsletter.

Liaison with Hospital Staff

LAKPA has established excellent relations with a wide range of renal staff and values the support we receive from them. We are very fortunate that 6 senior members of staff are observer members of the LAKPA committee. The Clinical Director for Renal Services at the Trust, Dr Praveen Jeevaratnam regularly attends our meetings and we are most grateful to him and his team for their invaluable support.

LAKPA covers a wide geographical area and we have established a very important role for local patients as LAKPA liaison persons for each of the 5 dialysis units. We currently have liaison persons for 4 units and are looking for someone to undertake this role at the St Albans unit. Patients are encouraged to raise issues with their liaison persons who can then raise them at our two monthly LAKPA committee meetings.

We Need Your Support

In conclusion, LAKPA will continue to support kidney patients and their families as best as we can. We would be most grateful for your support. Please do raise any issues with your local liaison persons, participate in the local social activities organised by the nurses, do become a LAKPA member and if possible, please consider making a donation to us. Please feel free to contact me, Kirit Modi, Chairperson of LAKPA on 07929 778440 or

Please join us!

It is free to join our Association. You can then request a copy of our newsletter which will be posted to you. You will be supporting a local charity and strengthening the voice of kidney patients and their families.

Join us today!

LAKPA is kept in existence by volunteers like you providing time and financial assistance. There are many ways you can help us to raise money to provide support and relief for patients suffering from kidney disease in Herfordshire.

Support for kidney patients in Hertfordshire