Donation Thank You

Welcome to this Donation "Thank You" Section of the Website. As we stated earlier, all donations go towards our work of supporting kidney patients/renal staff in this area. Our charity receives many anonymous donations, and therefore it's impracticable to list every single pound received, to an identified family name. The following lists details some of the known Individuals and Companies that have supported us.

Your support is very much appreciated, LAKPA cannot run without it!

Amount Donated Date How Used Name (if provided)
396 2018 Seema Dahad
1000 2019 The estate of Mr Christopher Ayerst
500 2018 To complete purchase of another Body Composition Monitor
3000 2018 Towards a further Body Composition Monitor
3500 2017 Supply of Body Composition Monitor
580.00 4th July 2019 In memory of Sandra Marshall
£200 Nov 2018 Purchase of new fridge Miss Mimma Sabato